I’m baaaaaack! (Part II)

So you might have been wondering, as you hungrily devoured my latest post, where I had gone for so many months like a bear retreating to its cave to hibernate.  Rest assured, there was no hibernation.  In fact, just the opposite: I’ve been busy writing.

Most recently, a short story of mine called “Comfort Food” was accepted for publication at the amazing literary magazine One Teen Story.  It is currently available for Kindle download on a little website you may have heard of called Amazon.  Follow the link below to check it out, or you can wait patiently for the paper copy to ship in just a short while.


As you can see by the wonderful cover art of the issue, I have a name and — spoiler alert — have had one this entire time.  I am neither, contrary to popular belief, a robot nor a C.H.U.D.  This is my blog, where I will continue to muse on the state of television, but if you’re interested in following my other writing, you can go to:


So what did you think of my unveiling?  Dramatic enough for you?  What am I doing still writing? I have a DVR threatening to bust its veritable buttons.  Toodles!

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