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I can no longer contain my obsession with television and film.  I’ve loved both for a long time and have utilized Facebook almost exclusively as a platform to talk about both.  But I think it’s time to expand before my friends list collectively rises up in one harmonious mass to strike me down if I post one more aggravated reaction to Homeland.

So this is really a matter of personal safety.

But this still, I know, begs the question: why should you bother reading my ramblings?  Watching TV and movies has become my second job.  You know, the kind of job you put tons of hours into but that doesn’t pay a single cent.  Managing my DVR becomes, in the heyday of the season, an almost Herculean task.  After all, we are positively inundated with outstanding art in both mediums, and I do my best to keep up with as much of it as possible.  But more and more, I’ve become fascinated with reading and writing about what I’ve watched.  I’m no bona fide critic, just a guy with a thought or two on the shows and movies he loves, or hates, or finds meh.

But I suppose the best way for you to get to know me and see if our tastes align at all is to take a look at my Best Shows of 2013 List.  Here ya go:

1. Breaking Bad

2. Game of Thrones

3. The Good Wife

4. Justified

5. The Americans

6. Parks and Recreation

7. Boardwalk Empire

8. Broadchurch

9. Person of Interest

10. Black Mirror

Honorable Mentions: Parenthood, Shameless, Enlightened, Eastbound & Down, Fringe, Treme, Banshee, House of Cards, Veep, Family Tree, Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey, American Horror Story: Asylum, Hello Ladies, Nurse Jackie, American Horror Story: Coven, In the Flesh, Strike Back


See?  Told you I liked TV.

Another question might be percolating: what will I be able to find on this blog?  You can expect me to post some agglomeration (I also like big words) of news, episodic reviews/recaps, movie reviews, random Netflix recommendations, and other such  nuggets of gold.

I love the idea of TV and film as a social experience, and that’s what I want to cultivate here.  Comment, add, critique.  Just be kind.  I’m very sensitive.  😉 If you’re liking what I’m laying down here, you can also follow me on Twitter, @overstuffeddvr, where I’ll post immediate reactions to my favorite shows.

I hope you stick around and check my blog out.  We can cut through the small talk and just jump into a full-on TV & film conversation, shall we?  What are your favorites on right now?

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