Dream Emmy Ballot: Supporting Actor (Comedy)

Let’s keep this gravy train a-rolling, shall we?  Last week, I posted my Emmy hopefuls in the category of Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, with my selections ranging from “strong possibility” to “not a snowball’s chance in hell.”  What do you say we keep that tradition alive by crossing the gender line hand-in-hand and turning our sights on Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series?

Sound good to you?  Perfect.  Here they are: the funny men that Emmy voters should nominate if they know what’s good for them! #Emptythreat

mindy                                           braugher

Ike Barinholtz, The Mindy Project             Andre Braugher, Brooklyn 99


ron                                          peter

Nick Offerman, Parks & Rec        Christopher Evan Welch, Silicon Valley 


lip                                          enlisted

Jeremy Allen White, Shameless                      Parker Young, Enlisted


Honorable Mentions: Noel Fisher, Shameless; Tony Hale, Veep; Matt Walsh, Veep; Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation; Danny Pudi, Community


“Show your work…”

I would be ecstatic if Christopher Evan Welch earns a posthumous nomination for his turn as the hilariously awkward Peter Gregory in HBO’s ingenious Silicon Valley.  The only proof you need: his free-style brainstorming about Burger King’s sesame seed rolls evolves into an analysis of cicada patterns and, ultimately, forms the backbone of a multi-million dollar investment.  One of my favorite comedy sequences of the year handled with comedic precision by Welch, who seemed poised to break out in a big way with this role.  His loss hurts, but a nod (and win?!) would assuage the sting a bit.

Meanwhile, Ike Barinholtz continues to delight as Morgan, the male nurse on Fox’s underappreciated gem The Mindy Project.  Amidst an already impressive cast, Barinholtz steals the show with his playful awkwardness.  I can just hear his “in character” acceptance speech now: “Dr. L” this and “Dr. C” that.  I would be very okay with that.

Speaking of small screen delights, is there a more iconic sitcom character on the air right now than Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson?  Seriously, Nick Offerman did great work this year, from his heart-warming pilgrimage to a whiskey distillery in the “London” two-parter to his evolution into an honest-to-goodness family man over the course of the season.  Few comedic actors can vacillate between drama and comedy with the aplomb of Offerman; it’s high time Ron F****** Swanson won the props he deserves.

We’ve already discussed how Shameless has no business being in the comedy category; still, it is, and White did impressive work as Lip Gallagher this year.  Lip’s attempt to balance his academic and work study duties with his newfound responsibilities as surrogate father (while Fiona flushed her life down the toilet) formed the backbone of one of Shameless‘s strongest seasons to date, and White should take more than just a little credit for that.

Andre Braugher has already won an Emmy for his brilliant (dramatic) turn as Detective Frank Pembleton on the Hall of Fame-great series Homicide: Life on the Streets, but dammit if Braugher doesn’t deserve another win for playing a cop again, though this time in a comedy series on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  His Captain Holt is the perfect straight man, eliminating histrionics altogether–the fact that he could deliver the line, “I’m in agonizing pain right now,” with a straight face and robot’s monotone is, in my estimation, Emmy-worthy.  But let’s also note that Braugher has been, very unobtrusively, doing some groundbreaking work with Holt; his character’s homosexuality is neither a defining trait nor a caricature.  Holt is a cop who just happens to be gay, and Braugher pulls it off brilliantly.

Last but not least, that leaves Parker Young in Fox’s recently cancelled Enlisted.  This is my long shot, but Young is just hysterical in depicting Randy Hill’s charming stupidity and unabashed adoration of his older brothers.  Dude’s got killer comic timing and deserves a spot right alongside the aforementioned performers, even if you never watched his show.  Take my word for it, okay?  The guy has an emotional breakdown at the mere thought of the plight of the Pixar lamp–yeah, the one in the logo.  What else can an Emmy hopeful do?


Until next time, my television-obsessed friends!  We’ll be moving onto Lead Actress in a Comedy Series!

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